Part of the wide offer and different wines by Vinos Casa Santi is shown in some of the experiences lived with one of the main restaurants in Marbella. This time, by Japanese Gastronomy with the help of Restaurante Takumi.

More than 3.500 different national and international prestigious brands are available when every client visits Vinos Casa Santi. Moreover, if we add the possibility to live a unique experience, the show must go on. However, if we are in touch with different cultures and gastronomies, in this case, Japanese gastronomy then we are talking about something really different.

This is what Vinos Casa Santi recently held with its fusion of wines and products from Japanese Restaurant Takumi. Just a few guests were able to enjoy and taste these luxury products married with the best wines and the most remarkable offers from Takumi.

Takumi Restaurant is one of the places to be in Marbella. They have the pleasure to rely on a great chef, Toshio Tsutsui who, along with Álvaro Arbeloa, make every day in Takumi a meeting point where every guest enjoy a unique atmosphere and intimate sensantions, really close to Japanese culture.

Takumi is the basic concept used to define the restaurant’s main concept: “master, artisan”… That’s the meaning of “Kumi”. On the other hand, TA, comes from T by Toshio and A, by Álvaro. That’s why they are named TAKUMI. There are several white fish, Avocado Futomaki, Teppan Yaki, everything is mixed with drops of Mediterranean and Japanese Gastronomy, plus the supreme product of the restaurant, indeed.

Restaurante Takumi is really close to Vinos Casa Santi, in the same street, Gregorio Marañon. You can contact Vinos Casa Santi: or social media and the phone number: 951 968 914.