Vinos Casa Santi has selected a few wines so everybody has the privilege to visit us and taste them all. This free tasting will be available during the last week of October, from Monday 24th to 31st.

Vinos Casa Santi is a specialized wines and liquors store in order to advise and give the best products according to every client’s needs. Located in the centre of Marbella, it counts with 3.500 national and international prestigious brands, as well as quite interesting offers and discounts.

This time, Vinos Casa Santi invites everybody to have the choice and get to know a little bit more about the world of wines, tasting a good selection by the store. There are several wines and new products added to the stock which shouldn’t be missed at all.

The new website, published recently, offers the possibility to add to your online list and get your order through email from the site. This makes much easier the searching and selection labour every user makes when it comes to look for what they are looking for.

Vinos Casa Santi launches monthly promotions and discounts to every client, every friend. It’s as easy as getting registered at the store or sending an email to and ask to receive every offer in your inbox.

However, every offer and discount is updadted in the website and social media, so no one will miss latest news at all. Vinos Casa Santi is located in Calle Gregorio Marañón s/n, facebook, twitter, google+, instagram or the website, of course.