Vinos Casa Santi is taking care deeply of every product, service, customers service and of course, its own image. Look, versatility, skills, usability and results are highly important when it comes about Internet. This is the reason why Vinos Casa Santi will publish its new website. A quite visual presence, adapted to every format, easy, simple, intuitive and which will allow every user sending their orders online.

Vinos Casa Santi offers more than 3.500 different prestigious brands in the wine shop. A personalized and specialized service is the main role and philosophy in order to advise and help every client. That’s one of the claims in which the new website is based on.

Once you enter the website, you will find several images at the home site. They are highlighted by Vinos Casa Santi, a recommended serial of wines every month. Moreover, home site publish different offers and discounts. However, there will be more wines and products which can be found in the wine shop so every user can get an idea of what kind of wines there are in the wine shop.

What’s more, a quite remarkable area in the website keeps on being the products list. A searcher which throws a list full detailed with all the wines and products available. Different categories and prizes will ease the search for users, so they can ask their orders online from the new website.

New is more flexible, quick, visual, direct, simple… There are no long paragraphs and it’s not boring to visit. There is the possibility to add wines to the chart not to buy but to order to the wine shop. This is something quite interesting as it gives an option to send your order from the website.

Vinos Casa Santi publishes updated news, offers, promotions and Events in the website and social media. However, you can easily subscribe to our newsletters from the website or the contact area. You won’t miss any detail at all. Vinos Casa Santi is located in Calle Gregorio Marañón s/n, facebook, twitter, google+, instagram or the website, of course.