We are deep in the summer right now. Suddenly, we go back to these days that take us to relax, go to the beach or enjoy a refreshing, exquisite wine. Think Pink is perfect, is an attitude and marriages summer undoubtedly.

Night, youth, happiness, summer, fun… These are all main keywords that come along with Think Pink. As Bodegas Viña Vilano created such a great 14º rose wine so younger can break the rules. A spirit of transgression that clearly provides its claim: Think Pink is an attitude…

This is the perfect option to popular drinks and spirits as it can be drunk with ice. Don’t get it wrong. Despite its low alcohol semi-fermented appearance, we are tasting a pure real wine, in fact nothing less than 14 degrees alcohol.

It is a couloured pink that comes intense on the nose with honeysuckle, raspberries and cherries. It is a wine produced with red grapes, as a blanc de noir from Tempranillo grape 100%, fresh, solid and long.

According to production stage, whole bunches harvested are subjected to a stringent cold maceration in cold store. Just after that, goes to be pressed, removing the minimum elements of tannin and color, gaining musts highly pale. Thereupon, it is elaborated as a White wine.

Think Pink suggests precisely those short macerations of musts with skins during the time of cold harvest night. Think Pink is quite a fragrant wine, frosted pink coloured…

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