Moscow Mule is a cocktail of American origin, ideal for summer nights.

• Crushed ice
• Lime juice, 30 ml.
• Vodka, 50 ml.
• Ginger ale, 250 ml
• Lima, 1 slice
• Peppermint

01: Prepare lime juice and crush ice
02: Add the lime juice and vodka
In a metal cup for Moscow Mule, fill a third of it with ice, add the lime juice and the vodka. Mix well with the help of a stirrer.
03: Fill with ice and decorate
Fill the rest of the jug with ice, decorate with a piece of lime, some mint or mint leaves and fill with the ginger beer.
04: Serve the Moscow Mule
The best way to enjoy the Moscow Mule is by sipping the liquid through a straw and holding the jar by the handle, so that the liquid stays as cold as possible.

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