Vinos Casa Santi would like to recommend Moscato di Málaga this summer. Coming from the Bodega Jorge Ordóñez Málaga, Jorge Ordóñez & Co., at the Valley of the Lagares, in Almáchar, Málaga. This is a Muscat from multiple old mountainside vineyards, in slate and white quartz soils. Our recommendation: to drink it very cold.

Among all our recommendations at Vinos Casa Santi all along the year, it is a must to highlight a wine to be tasted for Summer. This time, Botani Muscat comes perfectly bottled to be drunk quite cold indeed. As we have called it: Moscato di Málaga…

We are talking about a traditional dry farmed viticulture in organic Gobelet trained vines. It is cultivated completely by hand, with minimal human intervention required. The most of these vines receive no treatments or whatever. Vineyards are naturally fertilized by the region’s sheep herds.

It’s interesting to get to know year planted are between the ‘40s and ‘60s as well as it is a Muscat of Alexandria. It is believed this is one of the oldest clones of the Muscat family and one of the only remaining genetically unmodified vitis vinifera cultivars remaining in the world today. Seafaring Phoenicians transplated this grape from Alexandría, Egypt to Málaga 3,000 years ago.

It belongs to a Mediterranean climate in temperaturas within an average high of 86ºF (30ºC) in the summer and average low of 46ºF (8ºC) in Winter. The harvest is very extreme as it starts in the beginning of August. Workers hand-harvest grapes into small 10kg boxes from mountainside vineyards that can reach 70% inclination. This is a tedious process as mules are used to carry the grapes up the mountainsides…

Botani Muscat presents a vibrant Straw color, with fine and slight bubbles as well as a flowery, exotic nose, characterized by jasmine aromatics….

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