We, at Vinos Casa Santi have always pretended to be mindful of our clients’ faithfulness and appreciation. That’s why it is so important for us that no one misses any news, offers, events, discounts… There is no better way to reach this goal than being serious with our email marketing. In order to be sure that every client si receiving every new offer at the best price by Vinos Casa Santi.

Vinos Casa Santi offers more than 3.500 different national and international brands. We send your order in 24h in Marbella and surroundings for free. Moreover, you can send your order any place in Europe with UPS. Our staff is highly experienced and will be delighted to help you with any gift, special purchase, special wine and give you the best advise according to your needs.

We receive new wines and create constantly new offers and promotions. That’s how our visitors, clients and friends will be updated just following our website, social media, email marketing or just visiting our Wine Shop in Marbella. Process is quite simple. Client will fill our form in the shop to receive every notification by email. It is posible to send your request to receive our newsletters contacting Vinos Casa Santi on the website www.vinoscasasanti.com

On time every client will receive our offers, promotions and every communication so they can be updated about everything at Vinos Casa Santi. Of course, anytime at all, eveyr user will able to request the unsubscription by email through info@vinoscasasanti.com or the proper email marketing message.

Every wine is listed in our website so you can check with a couple of clicks and get to know if it’s available on shop or not. Our browser will ease the search as well as the Price, phone number or email to contact us.

You are welcome to visit our Wine Shop in Calle Gregorio Marañón s/n Edificio Atrium, Marbella.