Best quality grapes and respect for life. That’s one of the main premises on which Albet I Noya reflects every step of its projects. A pioneer bodega in organic wines in Penedés and the rest of the country.

First of all, we highlight the grape’s quality and respect for the vineyard. Is that bodega Albet i Noya’s main claim?

If there is no quality, the rest is aside, no one will want it, even for free. We are always focused on the wine we want to produce when we work in the vineyard. After 39 years working organic wines, we really love the vineyard deeply, and that is an evidence in our results.

I don’t think is the same with other crops (it’s difficult to love a lettuce, although it might be someone who does). I think vineyard is something else. IT depends on the love you put and dedicate along the years.

How did you started in organic wines by the end of the 70’s?

First of all it was a question of respect for wildlife as I was a vegetarian by that time, 1978. AS long as I was getting closer to organic wine cultivation, I founded more and more reasons to go further…

What was the link with that Tempranillo exclusively produced for the Danish market?

It was crucial, as it gave me condidence which no market ever gave us. It was an opportunity. I stopped being afraid as when we started.

What other investigations projects and permanent improvement have been done for the last years?

We already are working on our own yeast selection from our Xarel.lo vineyards, which we use to ferment every Xarel.lo.

We have also rescued two important varieties, “Marina Riòn” (white) and “Belat” (red) both quite good and now in process of type approval by the Ministry of Agriculture, after being evaluated in Albet I Noya for seven years as well as at the INCAVI (Institut Catalá de la Vinya I el Vi). We plan to have them ready in five years.

Our top product for the upcoming 20 years is the VRIAACC (Variedades Resistentes I Autóctonas Adaptadas al Canvio Climático). Resistant and native varieties adapted to Climatic Change…

We have produced up to 90.000 varieties from our Xarel.lo, Macabeu, Montonec, Ull de Llebre and red Garnatxa from which after four years working and mixing, we have selected 2.200 which already are resistant to mildiu and oídio. We are still 5 years left to select and micro-wine make to know which are good.

It will be a revolution in the wine world. More healthy and affordable wines.

How can you combine so much effort? Cultivation, production, distribution, enotourism…

As long as you enjoy something, it is not a job, you are just enjoying something with passion. It’s about changing the world, the future. It’s a dream, illusions no matter how many hours you spend on it. You just do it.

What do you think about enotourism? What about latest tendencies?

Enoturism, at least in Penedés, is living a moment of glory. We don’t want to miss the opportunity in Albet I Noya as we are planning activities to increase our visits. Income is not just monetary but a question of concepts.

Last question, why Albet i Noya comes with such a high quality with a unique “terroir”? What’s the secret?

You must get to know the terroir. But, working hard during the whole year in the vineyards is a basis. Then you can’t damage anything in the winery. Just try quality do the rest…

A big hug to everybody, hope to see you soon at Albet I Noya…