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  • Structure, elegance and finesse define this famous Zalto white wine glass. The glass sets the standard for many world-class tastings and gourmet tables around the world. A delicate shaped bowl and feather-light crystal create a perfect frame for you to enjoy the complexity and refinement of expressive white wines. As the Zalto white wine glass is very thin, it articulates the minerality and visibles the subtle layers of the wine. This glass is especially suitable for fruity white wines as Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. Leighter-weighted and fruity red wines as Côtes du Rhône, Luberon, Ventoux, Sangiovese and red wines from Loire-valley are well-recommended for this glass too. With the Zalto white wine glass you get an elegant and useful glass, that can beautify every table and ensure you the greatest wine taste. Height: 230 mm. Volume capacity: 400 ml
  • With a stylish and exclusive design the Zalto universal glass represents a great ‘all-round’ glass for both red and white wines. This mouth-blown crystal glass is famous for its usability: It emphasizes harmony, subtlety and richness for a broad range of wines. By wine lovers around the world, the Zalto universal glass has been named the perfect Riesling glass. But more than that the glass suits with a certain depths and integrity wines as Chianti, Chardonnay, Montalcino and white Burgundy. The Zalto universal glass is a perfect start into the Zalto-universe, where function and design go hand in hand to indulge you with the greatest tasting experience. Height: 235 mm. Volume capacity: 530 ml
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