Highest quality of the grape and respect for the vine leaf. That’s one of the basics at Albet I Noya in every single project. A pioneer vineyard on grape growing at the Penedés and the whole Spain.

Located in Sant Pau d’Ordal, Subirats, a village in the Alto Penedés, Barcelona, we can find the Albet i Noya bodega. Its main achievement as well as personal and professional satisfaction is based on being pioneers cultivating ecologically in the whole area and the rest of the country.

Albet family has been living in the Can Vendrell villa since 1903. As soon as they family reaches the 4th generation, the ecological harvest methods start. That was back in the 70’s. Everything begins when Josep María Albet I Noya makes the first organic wine, a Tempranillo exclusively for the Danish market. The villa grows and grows and the organic wine growing reaches its best. Yet around the 80’s the family finally gets the villa.

There have been so many projects ever since, proving that investigation and improvement have always been considered. By the end of the 90’s they regained old varieties forgotten at the Penedés after the phylloxera…

Growing, elaboration and distribution. These three elements combined and strongly structured make Albet i Noya one of the best quality bodega in USA, South America and Japan. However, there is a special mention to enotourism, the respect for the environment… It is a family vineyard that has undoubtedly its own entity.

In fact, the main adjective we could use to express the meaning of the vineyard, would be its unique “terroir”. Its unique calcareous clay, not deep, located at the Costers de l’Ordal, produce such a high quality wines…

50% of its production across the 80 hectares of vineyards, arise from 12 red grapes varieties. The rest of the production is divided on 30% for the white wines, with 11 varieties and a 20% for sparkling wines. Moreover, it’s not just growing but they buy grapes from 12 different local vine growers, adapted in fact, to the organic growing. This is always under the management of Albet I Noya, dedicating its pure and entire love, experience, quality and respect for the vineyard.